The joy


It was about 8:00 pm, when James Addison just came out of the wash room. His phone suddenly disturbed the ears of his room mate Samuel, a final year student at the University. James and Samuel shared so much in common that upon your premier encounter with them one would think they were siblings. Samuel tossed James’ phone to him. James stared at the number  and smiled. He shook his head   and smiled again repeatedly. He said to Samuel, “it’s her again. She just does not know when to quit. Anyway, i will give her what she desires.” They all laughed at that silly piece of joke. Soon, there was a gentle knock on the door. Samuel then got up to ascertain who was at the door. Samuel got up and moved straight to the door. Meanwhile, James was still dressing up as if he had been invited to a ball dance at the presidential yard. Samuel opened the door, only to quickly close it and pant as if he is being chased by an angry mob. James was highly amused at what his room mate was doing. James then asked Samuel as to why he was panting. All Samuel could say was that she is here. James smiled and tried to push Samuel away, but Samuel stood his ground and whispered Dorcas is around.

James got startled and stood for a while. Samuel, said to him, “why are you still standing, do something”. James shook his head. This is the worst day of my life, he muttered. Samuel is all confused. He stared slowly at James, who had already sat on the chair with his chin lovely cushioned by his palms. He rubbed his hands in his hair and said”Jennifer is also coming here”. Suddenly, Samuel bursts into laughter. He then leaves the door and springs himself like a lion pouncing on a prey. The bed then breaks as a result. With his back all in pain and bruises he walks out thus giving Dorcas a chance to enter. When Dorcas entered, she couldn’t help but rash to go and embrace James.  She then sits on the broken bed and thud, she falls to the ground as if she were a descendant of humpty dumpty. As she sat, Sharon, one of  James’ concubines also called James to tell him she will be there in three minutes. Before he could realize, Dorcas had already made herself at home as she had taken off her shoes and was ready to lower her shirt buttons so she could feel casual because she had apparently shows signs of feeling quite warm in the room. James kept smiling and began to sweat as he tried to turn the fan on. Unfortunately, when he reached out for the fan, the lights suddenly went off, and came back in about two minutes time. Dorcas stood and surged forward to cling onto James, but there was a gentle knock on the door.