Friday Fictioneers: Here Comes The Flood


friday-fictioneersFriday Fictioneers: a weekly flash fiction group: it’s fun; it’s challenging; it’s highly addictive! “The following photo is this week’s PROMPT.  What stands out? What type of story does it tell you? Tell us in a hundred words or less.” Each week Rochell Wisoff-Fields leads the show. Check out her blog, Addicted to Purple, for more details or to throw your hat in the ring. This week’s photo comes from Sandra Cook.

Thank you for all of the kind words of support and congratulations last week. It meant a lot to me!  As always constructive feedback is welcome.

© Sandra Cook © Sandra Cook

Here Comes The Flood

 (100 words)

A thundering roar blocked out all other sound, as the violent surge swept Kayla up and then pulled her under. She couldn’t breathe, or scream for help– her mouth covered and her senses twisted inside out. She felt her body breaking– her…

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