Liver disease is traditionally linked to alcohol or drugs, the truth is that there are over 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a variety of factors and affecting everyone from infants to older adults. One of the most entertaining and refreshing biological activity between two opposite sexes (MALE AND FEMALE) is sex. Many people argue on the importance of sex. It is however interesting to note that this phenomena has its own side of the coin. Is it really true sex poses a threat or otherwise as bemoaned by other school of thought, sex is medicinal. Well, this two part publication seeks to publish its findings on the issue. It is however to be noted that, regardless of the information given this blog site does not endorse or encourage anyone who is not legally entitled to sex to hang unto the content of this article as a prerogative and an excuse to abuse or refrain from sex.

.  People often assume that most forms of hepatitis are easily transmitted through sexual contact. However, only Hepatitis B has a high rate of sexual transmission. The incidence of sexual transmission of Hepatitis C is very low, rarely occurring outside of monogamous relationships, and in most cases, likely stem from a mingling of blood during sexual contact. If you have viral hepatitis, appropriate safety measures should be used to protect your sexual partner. Additionally, anyone with liver disease other than Hepatitis B should complete the Hepatitis B vaccination series to eliminate any chance of adding an additional burden to the liver.

  Studies has shown that having a form of hypertension, whether it is portal hypertension or heart disease, carries a fear of sex increasing blood pressure to dangerously high levels. In general, unless sex occurs with a new partner in unusual or unfamiliar surroundings, or involves a high level of physical activity, it should be tolerated as well as any other kind of moderate physical activity, however if one’s condition does not favor any of these variables then the dire consequence on the liver, cannot be escaped.

 Sex is among one of the activities that exerts a lot of energy. If you are anything like a majority of liver disease sufferers, fatigue is a common occurrence. Excessive amounts of sexual activity can further drain your precious energy reserves. While defining what is excessive will vary for each person, anyone with chronic disease is encouraged to be aware of how they are feeling and to refrain from pushing beyond their limits. A preferred strategy for balancing sexual activity and fatigue is to plan intimate time when feeling most rested. This will however reduce the intense pressure and shock that would be meted out to the weaning liver. In the advent of immense pressure the liver would fail to perform as it ought to.

Sex has it’s own place in the human life. We are however not biased to present the consequences of sex on the liver only, but as stated in the earlier paragraph, it is a series, which would have it’s sequel in an expedient time.

SOURCE:, Sex and Liver Disease, Melissa Palmer, MD, 2007.