The sun was red like hot iron bathed with gas and petrol. It was blazing hot on 24th December 2012. I made my way to Abena’s house. Well Abena is my old time soul mate. Pum!  Pum!  My hand created such beautiful sound against the door of Abena. For a second one could feel the hardwork of my knuckles on the door. Kum kun! Kum Kum! As if my heart were challenging Usain Bolt to a final lap of a 200 metre race with gold medal and heaven as the price. It was unusual because Abena had never disappointed me. That would be the last sin she would commit against me. Tired of knocking, I pulled out my phone and quickly touched the contact as if my bladder has overflowed and urine is just at the tip of my penis. I scrolled shortly since her name was the second list on my contact.
After dialing her number,  the usually annoying voice made itself popular in my ears. “Sorry, you do not have enough credit to make this call”. My eyes shot wide like a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick going way ward.  I began to hit the door like a gonggong beater who is sober. Still it yielded no effect. After a pause one could feel the emptiness in the room. Bang! I finally forced my way through. The volume at which I called out Abena could simply make a deaf gain his hearing sense. I passed the hall and it was the same story.  I slowly opened the door and …….