I slowly opened the door and entered her bedroom. Thoughts were spreading through my mind like wild fire. The place was very quiet still. Immediately I heard a trickling noise in the bathroom. All my intentions of having a nice time with her seemed bleak as the noise startled me. I slowly held the door as my phone rang. The sound of my ring tone scared me most. I started panting and gasping for breath. My main mission for visiting Abena that day was to settle a disagreement we had 3 days ago, when I threatened to kill her. Suddenly, I heard someone also shout her name. I then rushed through the hall to the main door only to meet Serwah, our mediator. She hugged me with joy as her two big heavy laded baloons slowly and warmly greeted my broad hairy chest. She enquired of Abena but I was quick to say she had gone out and left the door partially locked. Serwah smiled at that and winked those heavenlike eyelids that laid gently over her eyes. I became speechless that moment . I swallowed spit as if I was drinking a cold juice. All this while we were still in each other ‘s arms. My cucumber free straight down her aisle. Though she smiled as I felt shy she had a phone call that separated both of us. She excused me and went outside. My mind had become like a T junction because Serwah and I had been friends with benefit before I started dating Abena.  The scene looked as if we could have a quickie or a sniper shot. What troubled my mind though was the absence and absolute silence that characterized the house at that moment. She had kept too long for my comfort. My cucumber had fallen like a wet sponge. I decided to check the bathroom again. This time when I got there I slowly opened the door and found Abena lying in a pool of blood with a dagger close to her.  I quickly run to the helpless corpse. My hands and dress were stained with blood. I took the dagger and looked at it. As I took the dagger and raised it Serwah entered the bathroom. …


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