As I raised the dagger into the mid air, blood dripped from the tip. Immediately, Serwah entered with James an old enemy now in the police force. Unfortunately for me, the police station was close to Abena’s house.
My hands lost its strength when I saw Serwah and James enter, therefore the dagger fell to the ground right beside the beautiful motionless corpse that laid beside me. Serwah’s voice was completely replaced by consistent sobbing as her eyes were swelling with tears and sobs as she looked at BOATENG and Abena’s corpse simultaneously .

SERWAH: So indeed you killed her just as you had threatened.

BOATENG: This is just a coincidence.

JAMES: That you have executed your plans. The only place for you is maximum security prisons.

SERWAH attempts to move forward but JAMES grabs her on the shoulder and turns her around.

BOATENG : This is all a misunderstanding. Serwah. You know it’s a set up.

Tears wet her cheeks cleaning her make up.
SERWAH : Thought you said she had gone out.

James pulls out his phone and dials a number.

JAMES : Sergeant Boadi. I’m calling to inform you about a murder case I have chanced on. I happen to have the culprit also threatening me with the murder weapon. Please send back up asap.
BOATENG quickly grabs Serwah and puts the knife close to her throat.

BOATENG : Cut the call before I make her join her friend.

JAMES: I’m only 2 blocks away from the station. Well BOATENG, soon my colleagues will be here.  I have to advice you to put your weapon down or I will shoot you in the name of self defence.
James touches his pocket for the revolver, but it’s not there. He touches the second side and finds it. He cocks it and points it at him. Serwah looks at BOATENG with such pitiful eyes and trembling with innocence as her lips together with her browse are creased together. The sweat on her face could possibly water a tobacco plantation. Soon James’ phone rings. There are heavy footsteps of like 10 policemen approaching the bathroom. BOATENG’s end seems to be closer than he thought. I therefore drew Serwah closer as he also stepped back. He finally pulls the trigger. Kpoi! Kpoi! ……..


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