I have been framed with murder. This comes exactly 3 days after I fought with my girlfriend. JAMES is an enemy who is in the police force. He wants to nab me with what supposes to be evidence. I managed to escape his trigger after sustaining gun shot wounds. DR. MONICA saved my life but her house help betrayed me. I run into the  pregnant wife of ALEX another member of JAMES ‘s team and collided with her as she carried water on her head. DR MONICA works at the same hospital we were sent to. She is trying her best to help me escape but other nurses have teamed up with JAMES just to bring me down. Unfortunately I have found SERWAH, our mediator alive. Interestingly I have all the information to set myself free, but the phone I stole to record has rang loudly. I managed to escape with the information but I’m confused. I don’t know my next action. DR MONICA has been arrested and sent to the police station. I have found clues that leads DR FRIMPONG to the murder, but I don’t have enough evidence, though SERWAH is telling me more. DR FRIMPONG is Abenas murderer. However ALEX made him escape. I’m now under gun point. I have been shot in one leg. The only hope I have is the phone and I have to sacrifice it for my life.


ALEX pulls the gun upwards towards his brain. BOATENG closes his eyes and he starts to shiver. ALEX draws the gun close to his eyes so his eye balls can fill the tip of the revolver. He is about to shoot when he hears a voice.

WIFE: No, Alex. You are not a murderer. Please put that gun down.

ALEX looks at his wife and looks into BOATENG’S sorrowful eyes. He finally puts the revolver into his gun shield. BOATENG sighs heavily. ALEX’S wife is with the other nurse who received her initially.

ALEX : How is she faring my sister?

NURSE : Fi. . Fine.

ALEX : Don’t be scared my sister. I won’t harm you.

ALEX and the other nurse turn to leave. BOATENG quickly limps on one leg and enters another room. ALEX moves three steps and halts.

ALEX : I have to alert the remaining team that he is still here so we arrest him.

As he turns BOATENG is no where to be found.

ALEX : Damn it. Not again.

NURSE : Isn’t that your brother?

ALEX : Who, that murderer?

NURSE : He was the one I was talking about.

ALEX : oh damn it. Why didnt you tell me earlier. I would have sent all the bullet through his blood shot eyes. I will be called a hero for that matter.

Meanwhile at the police headquarters DR MONICA is being questioned.

IGP: Lady..  I hear you are shielding a murderer. How true is this assertion?

DR MONICA : Point of correction. BOATENG is not a murderer. He is a suspect.

IGP: Wow. You know the laws then. Under normal circumstances I should not meddle in the affairs of such nature. But I owe your father a little revenge. So I automatically have to join.

( He slaps her ).
I know this is not part of the law, but it is a procedure. So where is the bloody murderer? Do you know what it takes to lose a life and job?

DR MONICA also spits blood into his eyes. He is about to raise his hands when JAMES holds his hand mid air.

JAMES : Chief. There is a conflict of interest let me handle this.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, ALEX switches the phone on. When he turns the phone on. It indicates that there is no aim in it.

ALEX : Damn it! Let me check if the memory card is in it and listen to the evidence.

He therefore puts the phone off and opens the back of the phone when he opens it…..



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