I have been framed with murder. This comes exactly 3 days after I fought with my girlfriend. JAMES is an enemy who is in the police force. He wants to nab me with what supposes to be evidence. I managed to escape his trigger after sustaining gun shot wounds. DR. MONICA saved my life but her house help betrayed me. I run into the  pregnant wife of ALEX another member of JAMES ‘s team and collided with her as she carried water on her head. DR MONICA works at the same hospital we were sent to. She is trying her best to help me escape but other nurses have teamed up with JAMES just to bring me down. Unfortunately I have found SERWAH, our mediator alive. Interestingly I have all the information to set myself free, but the phone I stole to record has rang loudly. I managed to escape with the information but I’m confused. I don’t know my next action. DR MONICA has been arrested and sent to the police station. I have found clues that leads DR FRIMPONG to the murder, but I don’t have enough evidence, though SERWAH is telling me more. DR FRIMPONG is Abenas murderer. However ALEX made him escape. I’m now under gun point. I have been shot in one leg. The only hope I have is the phone and I have to sacrifice it for my life. However, DR MONICA is also in the grips of the police, but more importantly I have survived another death scare.


He therefore puts the phone off and opens the back of the phone, when he opens it, there is no sim nor memory chip inside it. He fumes with rage as he calls for back up to search everywhere in the hospital. Meanwhile, BOATENG is also wounded with blood dropping slowly like tear drops. He takes out the sim card from his mouth  and the memory card from his shoes. He looks at it. Close to him is another patient sleeping. There is a phone close to him. As he sleeps a call comes through his phone. BOATENG creeps slowly and takes the phone and cuts the call. He removes the sim and throws it away thus replacing it with his own. He also replaces the memory card with his own. He scrolls through the contacts and sees “JAMES 1”. He presses send. It goes through and JAMES 1 picks.

BOATENG : Hello… James.

JAMES 1: Hello .. BOATENG.  I am surprised to hear from you.

BOATENG : As an enemy I wasn’t expecting you to recognize your voice so easily.

JAMES 1: Well after anchoring news for radio 360 for 3 years who wouldn’t recognize your voice. But what are you doing with my fiancee’s phone. Is she your next target?

The patient opens his eyes to see BOATENG in his room. He turns to take his phone but he realizes his phone is not around. He looks at his left side and finds a vase containing flower. The ground is covered with BOATENG’S blood.

BOATENG : Listen it looks like you know me too well to be your enemy. I’m sure it’s a co incidence.

JAMES 1: it’s not. It’s rather a blessing. I plead with you please don’t harm her.

JAMES 1 sings  the chorus of VYBS KARTEL’S “MAMMA”.

JAMES 1: Does this ring a bell.

BOATENG : Akoto?

JAMES 1: That’s me bro. What happened? Is there a way to help bro. I know you can’t do that. My fiancee called earlier and said she saw someone like you.

BOATENG : You mean nurse Tate is your girl friend?

JAMES 1: We are getting married in 2 days time.

BOATENG : NO. Bro. Don’t make that mistake.

BOATENG hears a sound behind him. When he turns, he sees the patient raise the vase ready to hit him. He swings his arm, but BOATENG swerves. BOATENG pushes him towards the wall. He turns and hits BOATENG’S injured leg. He screams as his bone creeks and twists.  He raises the vase to him, but he slips in BOATENG’S blood and falls down breaking the vase, which pierces his eyes as he hits his head on the ground. The noise attracts two police men heading towards the yard. The police are heading towards the floor. BOATENG opens the door and sees them. He quickly closes the door.

BOATENG : Hello. . JAMES can you come to the back yard of the hospital. I will explain all to you. I need your help.

JAMES 1: What is happening ?

BOATENG: Please get there soon. I have to go.

The police are banging on the door very hard.

BOATENG : What is your car number. ..

The phone goes off. The police are behind the door. They finally break after many attempts. When they enter they see……



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