JAMES stands in front of the ambulance and orders them to stop.

JAMES: Stop. Don’t move the ambulance. I want all of you to get down, while we check the ambulance.
He orders his men to check the ambulance.  They slowly  open the door and to their surprise there was nobody in the ambulance. They get down.

JAMES : So what were you going to do with an empty ambulance?

NURSE: We just received a call that there is an emergency. We were going when you stopped us.

JAMES: Alright.  You may leave.

They search frantically in the car and drive off. On the other hand BOATENG drives off in JAMES 1’S car. They all meet in DR MONICA’S house.
The next day DR MONICA has been arraigned before court.

JUDGE: May the accused stand in the witness box?

DR MONICA goes to stand there. The lawyer for the police walks to her.

JUPO: Dr. MONICA, what is the relationship between you and the accused?

DR MONICA : Patient doctor relationship.  That’s all.

JUPO: Interesting.  So if it is so how come you were haboring him in your house?

ML: Objection my Lord. The question my learned friend just asked is unfounded.

JUDGE: Objection upheld! You may proceed to answer.

DR MONICA : I never habored him. I only did my duty by taking care of a patient.

JUPO: A suspected muderer?

DR MONICA : There is no where in the constitution that barrs me from giving medical attention to a patient or a suspected muderer. I see them as patients and not murderers.

JUPO: My Lord, we have a witness.

Meanwhile, BOATENG and JAMES are listening to the recording.

Efe is now in the witness box being questioned.

JUPO: Ms. Efe do you know the said lady in the boooth?

EFE: Yes…. she is my madam.

JUPO: Can you tell the court what you saw?

EFE: I was in my room one day praying.  When madam came and told me her boyfriend is sick so I should give him food .. I was surprised because madam does not entertain men. I went to look and it was a man covered in blood. I brought him inside and madam bath and slept with him.

JUPO : What did she do again?

EFE : Madam tell me to lie to Papa JAMES. I was afraid I will lose my job so I did it.

Meanwhile, BOATENG is all dressed up ready for the event. He wears a beard and a turban to disguise himself. They set off on the street. On reaching the main street, the tire for burst, so they had to go to a mechanic shop.

NURSE : Boat, don’t you think it’s necessary to escape and start life at fresh?

BOATENG: I wish i could but I can’t let her suffer because of me.

NURSE: What are you going to save her.

BOATENG : Turn myself in.

The car is done. Meanwhile, the hearing is still ongoing.

JUPO: That will be that for all.

JUDGE: The jury will consider all evidence and give verdict in 10 mind time.
DR MONICA sheds tears. Meanwhile, some few minutes to the court room, police stops BOATENG’S car.
He checks every bit of the car.

POLICE: Where is your duster?

JAMES 1: it’s here.
He hands it over. The police touches it.

POLICE: It’s wet. Come on get down.

As they about to get down, he takes a neat phone from JAMES. Quickly BOATENG speeds off. He removes his walkie talkie to alert the other colleagues. They are now at the court.

NURSE : We are making a mistake. The evidence is gone.

JAMES 1: I agree with her this time round. Let go back so we prepare for you to go back.

BOATENG: I have come too far to quit. Let’s go.

Meanwhile, the judge is about to make judgement. BOATENG enters.

BOATENG: Hold on. I’m the one you want. Let her go.

JUDGE: Who are you to order me. That’s contempt of court.

BOATENG: please listen to this audio after which you can hang me or shoot me.

JUPO: Objection my Lord. A suspect’s evidence does not hold during pronouncements.

JUDGE : Objection over ruled. Proceed.

BOATENG removes his shoes and brings out a pen drive. The judge orders for audio equipment to made ready. They play.

**JAMES: Just endure for a little longer. We will nab him and that will be your freedom.

NURSE : He is in the building.  He will be caught soon. The police will be here to surround the building. SERWAH. Just relax.

SERWAH : Why do you have to involve me? BOATENG is innocent.

BOATENG takes the nurses phone out of his pocket and pressed record.

NURSE TATE : it’s simple. Just testify against him.

SERWAH : Why have you left the main culprit?

JAMES : What are you trying to say?

SERWAH : We all know that BOATENG is innocent.  I can’t testify against him. My conscience will trouble me.

JAMES : You know you have a conscience when you slept with the ambassadors wife?l

NURSE TATE opens her mouth wife.

JAMES : Close your trap. Don’t act all Christian. I know you sleep with the minister of health and you do that disgusting staff with his son and father. So if you don’t want to be the talk of the town then do as I say.

SERWAH : it was just once. We also sleep together. I have the videos with all my pals. So what do

SERWAH : The truth is I will speak the truth in court. I saw…***

JUDGE: This tape surely convinces me that you are not guilty of these allegations.  DR MONICA the state shall refund your car. I declare you not guilty. You are aquited and discharged.

Suddenly, JAMES takes his gun and shoots BOATENG 3 times in the chest and he falls down…..





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