By far, this is one of the commonest things that almost all humans have in common. The excitement and seriousness attached to it could be compared to an election campaign. However, it is quite difficult to understand why always our campaign promises of a new year resolution sometimes dwindles like the harmattan leaf, which dances before it falls.

The first major concern regarding New year resolutions is the type of resolutions we make. According to research most humans often have  lofty expectations about events, business transactions and so many more. However, it is interesting to note that because our expectations far excedes our ability, we are unable to meet them hence we become disappointed in ourselves. It is possible we can sometimes make resolutions that can be achieved with the least effort but rather we feel those are quite mundane and less productive.

Another factor that may hinder us from achieving our set target or resolution for the year is distractions. Each athlete  determines to win an up coming race, but the moment they look behind to ascertain whether their competitor is lurking behind them, they become distracted and may even topple off. Similarly, in creating our resolutions, we sometimes give our attention directly and indirectly to things that pull us away from acheiving our target set at the begining of the year and further culminates into disaster. We therefore do not follow our initial course of action and this will definitely disable us from acheiving our target.

Most often than not our whosale promotion of our resolutions can equally hinder progress. Imagine a farmer who is speciized in one crop production in a particular season. He will pay enormous attention to his crops because for that particular season, that is going to be his source of bread. On the other hand lies another farmer who is working assiduously to get his poultry, piggery and mixed crop farms to the consumers. Because of time constraint he may not give a focused and desired attention to all the products, hence he will automatically lose more or have a low and less quality production as compared to the farmer who paid attention to a particular crop in a particular season. It is however interesting to mote that sometimes our resolutions are too many such that we either forget we have made resolutions or we may be battling with the type of resolution that desires the most attention in a period.

By and by people are begining to shape their lives with what they plan at the begining of the year. Though we may pay less attention, have an unrealistic goal and get distracted we all make efforts to acheive our resolutions and that brings joy to our electorates, the heart and the other body members. It is key to note that if you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail.


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