They sound magical and yet could be
A distraction. The easiest way we communicate is through words. As a painter paints his walls and rooms for a living so does the writer paint his pages and books with words. It is quite interesting how we as humans use words in our daily lives. According to research each sentence contains at least 5 words. How the brain calligraphs these words and use them in each moment is wonderful. However, one may ask what motivates us to use words the way we use them.

To a larger extent our mood determines what we say. How is that so. Doing a very good mood, one  may sometimes refuse to think of what he or she says. For instance, if one is filled with a pint of alcohol, he or she may feel happy depending on the occasion. However, because of the influence on the state of the person’s mind one may not think of what emanates from his mouth but rather use the words that come out of his mouth without any prior thought. However, words coming out from such a person should not be taken seriously because those words are influenced.

In seldom situations the event or occasion also determines how we use words. It is however interesting that sometimes regardless of the situation people still maintain the old manner of using words. While some may be influenced by the event others won’t.  The words of MC’s of a program sound less official as compared to a speaker on a program.  Though they are all at the same event, one gives extra careful thought to his or her words though they are at the same function.

In the comfort of one’s arms words may come like skates on snow or tires on a first class road. On the other hand, lovers at war may also use words differently. Lovers however use words differently. During the most parts of the life time of lovers, how they use words sometimes belittle the words of poets. They speak in sonnets and free verses that could make one fall into a pool of orgasmic rythm. On the other side of the coin if there is a dispute, these words quickly metamophorsise into guns and knives.Yes that is the beauty of words and such is life.


Though we all use words differently,  these are sometimes influenced by the event, mood and the relationship between users of such words.

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