The phone goes off. The police are behind the door. They finally break after many attempts. When they enter they see the patient lying in a pool of blood. One of them quickly rushes out. The second one also takes his walkie talkie.

POLICE 1: Hello… Back up in ward b… over.

He turns and sees that the window is opened.

Meanwhile, at the police station the IGP has received a call.

IGP: Hello. .. IGP speaking…
Ahaa… She is to be arranged at court with immediate effect?….

DR. MONICA : Court, for what purpose? I have committed no crime. You have burnt up my car.  I should have sued you first.

He cuts the call.

JAMES: You are too loud mouthed for a traitor. Do you think we are here to joke.

Meanwhile, DR FRIMPONG is on the run. He is parking his items one by each. BOATENG climbs to enter the room. Upon climbing he meets DR FRIMPONG who is parking his items. Upon seeing him, he rushes out leaving the items on the ground. BOATENG slowly gets down and takes the items and packs them into the bag. Unfortunately, as he was parking the evidence into the bag, one of the police bumped into the room. He was also quick to hide under the consulting table which was covered in front. Blood was also gashing out of his injured thigh.  The policeman stood for a while and checked round and went outside. Meanwhile, JAMES 1 has also arrived with his old BMW making a whole lot of noise. BOATENG crept out surreptitiously and looked outside and saw JAMES 1 having a chat with one of the policemen.

JAMES 1: Sorry sir, is this place out of bound?

POLICEMAN : Why do you ask?

JAMES: Well, my brother has been brought here but upon doing some fasting and prayers, the Lord has revealed to me that he should be sent to a prayer camp. He needs spiritual help.

POLICEMAN : Your face looks familiar where have we met before?

JAMES 1: I am a radio presenter by hobby and an IT analyst by profession.

POLICEMAN : Anyway, it’s  a restricted zone, but give me something small for pure water.  We have been here for hours just because of one murderer of a journalist.  No water to drink.

JAMES 1 looks into his pocket and hands over 1 Ghana cedi more to him.

POLICEMAN : Oh, assay, you no be brother man. You make am porridge money.

JAMES 1 hands over 5 ghana cedis to him. But he collects it as if he has itches  over him. So as he scratches they both bend and he takes the money.

POLICEMAN : Alright, this way.

JAMES 1 uses that route and enters the corridor. As he enters, he walks a few steps forward, he sees a janitor’s  cart and he reaches for it.  He pushes it amidst singing his favorite song. As he gets in front of the room where BOATENG is, one of the police men stops him.


JAMES 1 is startled.

POLICEMAN : What are you afraid of? My friend show me where the urinal is?

JAMES 1. Scratching his hair and forcing to retain his composure.

JAMES 1: It’s. .. its o… over there.

The policeman turns and leaves. He breathes a hrs sigh of relief.  He quickly enters the room and sees BOATENG who was also keeping it calm and observing outside.

Meanwhile, papers have been brought from the police station. 

JAMES : These are your papers.  You have been summoned in court tomorrow  afternoon.  That will only make you pay for the harm you and heaped on us.

She signs as tears from her eyes drops on the paper. Meanwhile, the nurse that was with ALEX entetred. As he enters, he sees the two of them.

NURSE : BOATENG, don’t fret.  I will help you.

JAMES 1: How do we go back unnoticed.

BOATENG paces with his injured thigh as he hands over the sim card and the memory chip to JAMES 1.

JAMES 1: What should I do with these?

BOATENG : Broadcast it on your station and other stations as well. All the media guys should have it. The nurse notices he is bleeding. She quickly knelt  to treat his wound. After providing first aid, he removes DR FRIMPONG’s lab coat and hands it to him. The nurse and JAMES 1shout and call for help. There are four policemen who come to their aid. BOATENG fizzles as if he has a fit . Suddenly they help rush him into the ambulance  which JAMES 1, rushes to go and drive.  However, as JAMES 1 starts the car, JAMES stands in front of it. He orders them to stop. When they stop, he offers that the ambulance be checked.  They slowly open the back door…….



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