It is heavily endorsed that the king of the jungle is the ferrocious lion. However, among the human race it is quite difficult to pinpoint a king of a particular field of work. Many at times have we heard artists crown themselves kings of this or that. Interestingly, when it comes to rap music, which happens to be one of the music genres that puts Ghana on the international map in my own opinion Michael Owusu Addo, popularly referred to as


is the king of rap. Sarkodie personifies the most successful rap artists in Ghana hence this article brings to bare the reasons behind this claim.

Branding is the total outcome of your appearance and perception that the public sees. In short Sarkodie is a brand. As an artiste he has rocked many stages. However, unlike other artists he doesn’t show off his little nip wick on stage. Neither does he drop off microphones up on stage. It has been observed that SARKODIE hardly performs on stages of invited American artistes. It is therefore not surprising that he refused to be part of such concerts. A notable one is the RICK ROSS SHOW that was held in December  2012 at the Dome, Conference Centre. On the other hand, Sarkodie also had a full house in a nearby venue. This goes to show how well branded he is.

In addition to the fact that he is a brand and has therefore commanded respect from the outside world, he is successful because he has an effective management team. Unlike other artistes that orchestrate a one man team, SARKODIE has a management team headed by ace radio personality, Tommy Forson. He also has a special and specific Dj, DJ BLACK, whom he works with on huge concerts and special events. It is however not surprising that he collaborates with super foreign artists like Sway, Ace Hood, Burna boy, Davido, Wiz Kid, Tiwa Savage and many more.

The list of reasons why he is successful  is very glaring. However, as he is well branded and has an effective management team, he will continue to soar high like the eagle just as his name suggests, OKORDIE. To all musicians in Ghana till anyone beats his system he will remain RAPKORDIE.


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