Many years ago in the absence of technology, morality seemed to be a virtuous quality cherished by society. However,  with the genesis of technological advancements, many a people seem to relegate morality to the background. Interestingly, people have become adamant to this new phenomenon and some have also developed a dead goat syndrome towards this development. We shall therefore take a look at how the wrong use of technology  has been a source of worry to the African society.

Research from several different studies conducted by scientists form the basis that families which is one of the most cherished institutions in Africa is going extinct slowly like religion in Europe and America. It is however estimated that  use of technology by young children affected the way their brains developed and contributed to attention deficit disorder, cognitive delays, impaired ability to learn.

In addition to the adverse effects on the children it also leads to separation and less family communication. In a recent survey it was realised children or couples that are addicted to social media have less time for their families simply because quality time has been devoted to social media, where there are less  and fake emotional attachments to each other. Considering the above states facts, one would make a false prediction by assuming that families of today who are addicted to technology do not have a successful marriage.

The hardest activity undertaken by a typical african is exercise. Before the advent of technology, the african man exercised with his cutlass on the farm, a heavy fufu pestle on the huge mortar. Sadly though as it may seem. Technology and its wrong use has resulted in laziness and poor health of the users . Movement during technology use can cause a child to become obese, contributing to major health problems and putting them at higher risk of early stroke, heart disease and other serious health issues. However, African society cherished group activities and these children indulging in computer games are obvious methods of dissociation.

The world of technology is not a recipe for morality considering how destructive it is to families and the medical conditions of its users. My next article shall therefore consider why the morality of Africa seems to be declining.



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