Imagine having the greatest gift in life and dumping it on the refuse damp. Surely, anyone who would take cognissance of such a horrible sight would label you mad, or totally absurd. However, we sometimes do similarly and yet would not label ourselves mad. According to the holy scriptures children are a gift from the creator. One may reason that lf we also abandon our children and allow them live a life of a scavenger, then we are for a certainty far away from sanity. It may be preposterous to presume that the African child has little impact on the earth. But if indeed the African child can make an impact, what are the debilitating factors that plunge the African child to the bottom of the ingenious calendar? This article shall unravel that mystery.

“It is better to be in a state of mutany than to be poor” says my Theatre Professor. It is so sad that beautiful and ingenious brains lurk behind the development ladder because of poverty. Although the issue of poverty is not a nouveaux phenomenon in the world, Africa bears the brunt of such insipid heat. As a result, dreams become deeper but hardly come out because we do not have the financial impetus to sustain the child’sdream. In addition, their conditions of life become so difficult that basic amenities elude them. How could a hungry child become an Einstein when his stomach is rumbling like the sound of thunder. Even if he is fortunate to have meals he is so underprivileged to enjoy a very good academic lieu because it is expensive and highly inaccessible for the ordinary farmer’schild.

Apart from poverty, the poor educational structure of the land does more harm than good. Undoubtedly,  there are very good schools here in Africa, however, the system in which it operates is so devastating that it inspires mediocrity than innovation. Our education system is aimed at producing graduates who can memorize rules and principles but can hardly apply all that seemingly aquired knowledge for the economic benefit of the country. They end up unemployed and confused. We refuse to run an interest based and talent based school system where each child is enrolled in an area where it can be of immense benefit to the child and the nation as a whole. It is however evident that vocational and technical education which should be our primary tramp card has rather become our tertiary storage facility where we send our less expensive brains to.

The third factor is politics and governance. It is sad to note that our dear *politricians* who are supposed to formulate policies and implement them rather use those precious moments to benefit themselves. African leaders have cultivated the habit of borrowing and this has affected their policies. They also embezzle funds that can help the African child enjoy a very serene atmosphere of education and life but it is rather the opposite. They spend state funds and train their children outside the shores of Africa. Meanwhile, these children could have inspired their colleagues to greatness, but they end up in foreign lands. So if politicians abandon the youth and concentrate on themselves and their family how can the African child surge forward to victory.

All in all, the African child struggles to make it in life because of poverty and an unattractive educational system bedevilled by selfish political agents who may care less about the development of the African child. They formulate policies of oppression that nab the African child down below into a grave abyss of underdevelopment.



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