All around the world, the most intriguing part of intimacy between a man and a woman is sex. According to the holy scriptures Sex was meant for married people. ( Hebrews 13:4).The book The Fantasy Factory puts it this way: “Intimate physical and emotional contact is dangerous. There are physical risks of sexually transmitted disease, personal/professional risk of exposure, fear of judgment and the repercussions. This clearly emphasizes the whole concept of pre marital sex. However, it is sad to note that Cape coast is on top of the teenage pregnancy ladder. This was revealed by
Madam Paulina Abayagi, the Central Regional Director of the Department of Women and Children’s Affairs,in a Ghana News Agency report. According to the report she said the Central Region had the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the country. She further stressed on the Demographic Survey conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service with, 23 percent of teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19 years in the Region have given birth, making it the highest in the country. This article seeks to establish the causes of this anomaly.
Over the years the issue of poverty has been one of the major cause of child delinquencies and other social problems. It is as if poverty rears it’s ugly head in almost every article of mine. Not withstanding it’s attendant problems such as low self esteem, poverty is the major cause of teenage pregnancy especially here in Cape coast. Unfortunately, apart from the three northern regions, cape coast seems to be pregnant with lots of employment issues. Especially in a situation where there are less jobs for graduates to be employed these primary school girl can hardly afford a decent job. Hence some resort to the subtle form of prostitution. These teenage girls clad themselves in sexually provocative clothes inviting customers to a dinner of sex after they fill their dainty stomachs with alcohol or soft drinks. At this level, they demand for 5gh cedis or more depending on the customer. These irresponsible men take advantage pay more and hit the pants raw without any sort of protection. This further culminates into pregnancy thus rendering them futureless and school drop outs.
Mark of fertility. After several years of observations and investigations it has been revealed that these girls often experiment with sex to show how agile and sexually active they are. After knowing and confirming their agility they test how fertile they are with the notion of aborting the child just to show they are not infertile. Sadly though their parents and situation force them to keep these babies so the family could gain materially to support themselves.
It is also interesting and sad as to how these little mothers allow influence from telenovelas affect them. In an interview with a teenage mother named Naomi* who on the purpose of anonimity, i had to change her name. She confirmed that she was motivated by some love and romantic scenes she saw in some telenovelas, hence her desire to experiment with sex after watching it. She further added that she had been a porn addict for about a year. She confessed she stole them from her mommy’s wardrobe.  Thus all these are precursors to her woeful state now.

Inspite of these causes we cannot rule out the wayward and bad examples of parents of such teenage mother’s. Though they may ascribe it to poverty, it is actually their inability to train and raise up these children hence they plunge themselves into such an uncomfortable state.





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