Dear CCMA I’m very privileged to be writing this open this letter to you as a concerned citizen. For the past few years, the tremendous efforts being put in by the authorities via the help of the Bonn Stadt city in Germany is very commendable. Your efforts have also shown in your constant and consistent measures that you have put in place to ensure that the FOSU LAGOON is rid off filth. However, regardless of all these efforts, there is another twist that you can add to the script to make your work historic and very successful. The FOSU lagoon has the potential of being a very big tourist site and in my own observsation, the Assembly hasn’t done much with regards to the hopes of making it a tourist site. Therefore in this short letter, I would like to inform you about certain things we can do to make it one of the best tourist sites. Not only will it elevate the face of the assembly, but it will most importantly provide jobs for the unemployed lots in Cape Coast.

River Rhine is noted to be the historic river in Bonn, Germany. Interestingly, though it is no longer used for active trade like the ancient times, it has been turned into a tourist site with a ferry that plies along the Rhine River to and Fro for a very decent fair. Unfortunately, here in Cape Coast we have no such ferry. The only ferrylike structure we have on the FOSU LAGOON is not enough to create such a paradise on the lagoon. Especially as the fare seems to be quite exhorbitant. The assembly can therefore purchase a real ferry, host it at the lagoon, and this can bring employment as this will draw many people to work in the various departments.

It is estimated that each day, eight hundred tourists visit the various tourist sites. Unfortunately, we are losing out of this to the old tourist sites – Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park and many others. The Fosu lagoon could be made very exciting, when there are boat racing activities or  competitions that can draw investors and sponsors to augment the efforts being made by the assembly. The Assembly can further plant mangrove trees along the coast of the lagoon. These things will thus attract both foreign tourists and indegenes and foreign investors alike to have an alternative source of site to enjoy when they have visited these old tourist sites.

Cape coast in general was the hub of civilisation and education in the then Hold Coast as they were the first people to come into contact with the Europeans. It is therefore not surprising that it wields most of the big senior high schools in Ghana. Sadly though, our entertainment life has been based on night clubs and drinking bars. These places promote promiscuity indirectly as others take advantage of their big, dark enabling environment to do all sorts of immoral activities. This can be averted if the assembly can also use the newly commissioned bio diversity centre for dance and theatre performances. Not only will it draw people and other tourist to the place, it will also serve as a hub for cultural education. Foreign tourists who wish to learn any part of the culture can be taught there either through the dance or historic cultural performance that will have open question session after the performance. It can further serve as a grounds for young budding talents to test their writing and acting skill together with their poetry skill which will be done in the indigenous way and language as well.

My pen has flowed smoothly without a break. I wish to end here with a few reminders. The lagoon can bring income and job opportunities to the people of Cape Coast. I therefore urge the assembly to listen to my words and at least make a move towards positivity. I strongly believe that the Assembly will read and listen to this big plea in order for CAPE COAST to remain a wonderful place of excitement and adverse cultural hub. Thank You.


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