After several years as an avid reader and writer, I show appreciation for what a young Ghanaian director is doing.

Many in the film industry would agree with me that embarking on such projects are very demanding. However, young director, Onesiphorus Obuobi has dared to be different. He wants to use his creativity to empower women, via his new SERIES of short films,  #DETERMINED#.  The main focus is to encourage women to be daring and different. Interestingly though this article postulates three reasons why one must watch and support the project.

Real life Stories. The first episode speaks of how a young graduate, Ama is struggling with employment, a canker in most African countries and even in the USA. In real life, the fictional character had refused lots of sexual advances from employers and that had rendered her unemployed for several years. Though she never lived to see this short film depicting how she manuevered to put one employer in his right senses, the general public have that singular honor to leaern not to give in to sexual demands of lustful employers.

Education. According to Confucius he says he learns he forgets he sees he remembers. From time immemorial, film has been one of the major tools of social change and development. Film is a mirror of society. Through this series many women will learn to be assertive in this chauvinistic male driven world. Being assertive does not mean being disobedient. It simply means standing for what is due you and what is right. Therefore as a woman or a girl, some of your social roles must be looked at. Some of these roles were constructed by men and they seem to be bias. Hence this series is an opportunity to educate our sisters to stand for the same gender rights and opportunities that males also enjoy.

HUMANITARIAN work. Apart from the entertainment aspect and education that these series of short film give women folk a source of inspiration to augment what foundations like world GLOBAL WOMEN’S FUND, MINISTRY OF GENDER AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS (GHANA), CENTRE FOR GENDER RESEARCH ADVOCACY AND DEVELOPMENT(CEGRAD, UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST, GHANA)to name but a few are doing. However, as a young director, he is also working with up and coming tv content providers and media institutions like ARGON HOUSE and CONTROL MOTION PICTURES to produce these resource educative materials. However, though no support has been given to him by any other quarters he is also DETERMINED to make sure that at least with ot no support he and his organizations will educate the general populace to treat women well especially as they deserve the best.

All in all, I will like to say congratulations to MR. ONESIPHORUS OBUOBI and his team, ARGON HOUSE AND CONTROL MOTION PICTURES for the good work they are doing. Well my contribution to their work is to write about it, what about you? Make a difference by supporting this PROJECT.